Rooftop solar stations are being installed in the entire Spanish Quarter

In Spain, a solar experiment is being carried out – an entire block is being built in Zaragoza, which will receive electricity from solar panels installed on the roofs of houses.

According to preliminary calculations of the organizers for the generation of electricity, two hundred residents and companies of the new district, who have decided to participate in the pilot project, will pay only 6 euros a month. In addition to 30% savings on electricity, residents of the new district receive another additional bonus – the opportunity to breathe clean air. Indeed, according to experts’ forecasts, thanks to this innovation, annual carbon dioxide emissions in this part of the city should decrease by 40 tons. It is planned that PV modules on the roof of apartment buildings in Spain will generate about 150,000 kWh of electricity.

According to the Eco Town information portal, at the first stage of the experiment, it is planned to install more than 200 photo modules on the roofs of buildings, which will periodically change their angle of inclination in order to collect the maximum amount of sunlight during the day.