Meyer Burger launches innovative solar roof tiles

The representative of the photovoltaic industry in Switzerland, Meyer Burger, announced the start of the production of innovative roof tiles from PV modules.

solar panels

The advantage of the new product is that it can be used to install photovoltaic systems on any buildings, even those whose roof structures previously did not allow placing standard photo panels on them.

The company plans to present its innovative solar tile roof to the public in the near future – at the international solar energy exhibition, Intersolar Europe, which will be held this October in Munich, Germany.

According to the EcoTechnika information portal, the first deliveries of goods to the market are planned for the second half of next year. The management of the manufacturer’s company informs the public that their designers are making every effort to make the installation and maintenance of new PV modules as simple and user-friendly as possible. Meyer Burger aims to take a product like solar tiles out of the niche category and make it as accessible as possible to the general public.