Best solar panels in 2021

Best solar panels in 2021

Solar industry is on the rise. People are installing solar panels on their homes, RVs and even take PV modules with them to generate electricity on the go. Here are the best solar panels for each of those purposes. Solar power is now more widespread and cheaper than ever. In fact, the price for PV … Read more

How long do solar panels last

How long do solar panels last

The short answer – enough to pay off and give free electricity for more than a decade. Read the article to learn what the lifespan of solar panels depend on. How long do solar panels last? The short answer – quite a while. However, all values are relative. We, humans, have been around in our … Read more

How to choose solar panels? Expert advice

The co-founder of the Generation Roman Kapuka tells about what photo panels are, how they differ from each other and due to which they work more efficiently. A set of panels is the most expensive part of a solar installation. Therefore, their choice should be approached carefully. Today I want to share with you the … Read more

Meyer Burger launches innovative solar roof tiles

The representative of the photovoltaic industry in Switzerland, Meyer Burger, announced the start of the production of innovative roof tiles from PV modules. The advantage of the new product is that it can be used to install photovoltaic systems on any buildings, even those whose roof structures previously did not allow placing standard photo panels … Read more

Solar panel windows are being installed in the USA

Ubiquitous Energy (California, USA) has developed unique glass PV modules that can be used as glass for window frames.Such “solar” windows for the house, covered with a thinnest layer of a special organic dye, let light into the room without any problems, but at the same time absorb ultraviolet and infrared rays and turn them … Read more

Created a solar panel that plugs into an outlet

A miniature solar cell for home use was created by the specialists of the Supersola company. The compact 315W solar panel is equipped with a micro-inverter, weighs just over 40 kg and plugs into a standard household outlet. Such an acquisition will help ordinary people to join the world of renewable energy and experience all … Read more

Agrovoltaica: the future of global farming

Why agrovoltaics is useful, what it is and why it is considered one of the most promising areas of future farming – in the article. Solar panels placed on the ground occupy a significant area. How to optimize the use of space and get the most out of it? The answer to this question is … Read more

German architect designed solar-powered bicycle pedestrian tunnel to provide electrical power to surrounding buildings

An architect from Germany presented to the world an innovative project of alternative energy – he developed a model of a unique tunnel for pedestrians and cycling enthusiasts, created from solar panels. The semicircular arch consists of photocells attached to pipes made of steel. The cover reliably protects the people under it from the scorching … Read more

Solar stations in the mountains generate 1.5 times more “green” energy

The floating solar power plants located in the Alpine mountains generate 50% more energy than similar solar power plants located in the lowlands. The results were obtained in the course of research carried out by the team of the Swiss energy company Romande Energie. The solar stations in the mountains of the Valais canton are … Read more