Solar panel windows are being installed in the USA

Ubiquitous Energy (California, USA) has developed unique glass PV modules that can be used as glass for window frames.Such “solar” windows for the house, covered with a thinnest layer of a special organic dye, let light into the room without any problems, but at the same time absorb ultraviolet and infrared rays and turn them into electrics.

Using this technology, almost any glass surface used in everyday life (glass for a smartphone, car windshield, etc.) can be replaced with transparent solar cells and used to generate electricity.

The energy obtained from solar panels can be generated in special batteries and then used for the needs of the residents of the house. Of course, the installation of such glasses will cost slightly higher than standard double-glazed windows (by about 1/5), but, as the manufacturers assure, these costs will pay off completely and completely in the shortest possible time due to the free electricity received from them.

According to the BuildingTECH information portal, manufacturers say their solar home windows are not intended to replace standard rooftop panels, but to complement them. As conceived by the creators, when using such a technical tandem, even large buildings will be able to become energetically independent and fully cover their electrical needs on their own.