Abu Dhabi Solar Powered Vehicle Fleet Coming Soon

The largest solar-powered car park in Abu Dhabi has been completed.

The original solar power plant, designed as a cover over a short-term car park, is located near the airport terminal. It consists of more than 7,500 solar panels and has a capacity of 3,000 kW. According to experts’ calculations, such a design will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in an amount of more than 5,000 tons annually.

A solar-powered car park in Abu Dhabi is designed to generate solar energy that will be used for the needs of the car park itself, and the remaining electricity will be forwarded to other sections of the airport.

The author of the project is Masdar, a company specializing in the development of alternative energy in the UAE. To implement this project, the company’s management has developed a turnkey solution – from the project of a modern parking lot to its construction and financing. Also, under the terms of the signed lease agreement, Masdar will provide maintenance services for the vehicle fleet for 25 years.

According to the news portal World-Energy, the UAE’s energy strategy, developed until 2050, envisages an increase in clean energy in the total share of the country’s energy balance by up to 50%.