California has officially approved solar energy for all new homes starting in 2021

The California Building Standards Commission has officially endorsed new solar energy regulations for California new homes from 2021. This final vote confirms that the country’s Energy Commission is on the right track and makes the western US state the first state with such clean energy standards.

The constructed housing will be highly energy efficient, however, thanks to the use of the inexhaustible energy of the sun, residents will be able to save on electricity bills from the moment they move into the house. Additionally, the equipped solar power plant will provide for the ability to maintain electric current using rechargeable batteries, and therefore uninterrupted power supply, regardless of the time of day.

Every three years, the California Building Standards Commission updates its home and building regulations and standards for clean energy, with stringent measures to increase energy efficiency and reduce the use of exhaustible energy.

According to the latest changes, from January 1, 2021, solar photovoltaic panels will be required for any low-rise residential buildings. Low-rise buildings include two- or one-family houses, as well as residential buildings with a height of less than 3 floors.

Over the past three years, the commission has conducted a detailed analysis of the new requirements and collected official public information from all stakeholders (utilities, developers, representatives of the solar energy industry and the electrical industry). As a result, it was found that increasing the demand for solar power plants is a cost-effective solution in almost all American states.

Thus, from the beginning of use, household owners will be able to save about $ 40 per month only, and per year – $ 500.This amount is due to the fact that new energy efficiency standards of buildings will add about $ 40 per month to the payment of mortgage loans, however, savings on electricity bills will be approximately $ 80 / month.

Alternative energy companies install about 150,000 solar power plants across California every year, according to official figures. Moreover, about 15,000 are new houses. The volume of construction of new real estate here is 80,000 objects per year, and from 2021 all erected residential buildings will be powered by renewable energy from the sun, which will lead to an increase in the volume of alternative energy facilities several times over.