Created a solar panel that plugs into an outlet

A miniature solar cell for home use was created by the specialists of the Supersola company.

The compact 315W solar panel is equipped with a micro-inverter, weighs just over 40 kg and plugs into a standard household outlet. Such an acquisition will help ordinary people to join the world of renewable energy and experience all its advantages, without spending a lot of time and money on the installation of standard solar power plants.

This plug-in solar panel can also be used outdoors – its weight can be increased to almost 95 kg by connecting four ballast tanks that can be filled with water. The set of the device also includes a 5-meter wire that connects to the outlet. And with the use of additional connecting cables, a structure consisting of three such solar panels can be assembled.

The battery has a nominal voltage of 230 W and an efficiency of about 18%. It consists of half monocrystalline elements, which are provided by a Chinese manufacturer, the frames are Supersola’s own design. Some of the structural parts are manufactured in China, some in the USA, and the assembly itself takes place in the Netherlands.

According to the information portal PV Magazine, the manufacturer is systematically increasing its capacity and plans to produce 100 such solar panels per week. The expected productivity of the device, according to the estimates of the manufacturers, will be about 370 kWh per year, which will save the family budget on electric bills by almost 15%. It is planned that one such battery will be able to provide enough electricity for the uninterrupted operation of household appliances on average in size and consumption for a household.