Flat Glass Group expands solar glass production capacity

Chinese manufacturer Flat Glass Group has announced a future expansion in production.

The increase is planned due to the commissioning of six additional new lines, the daily capacity of each of which will be 1200 tons of finished products.

It is planned that this project will be implemented in 2 stages. The first phase is the construction of an additional two lines for the production of glass for solar panels and its processing, erected near the city of Jiaxing. About 2 billion yuan will be invested in it. The second is the construction of 4 lines near the city of Chuzhou (at this stage it is planned to spend a little less than 4 billion yuan).

The investment of such investments (which, as the company’s analysts expect, should pay off in full in the near future) are carried out in order to increase the manufacturer’s share in the modern photovoltaic market. In particular, due to the current increased user demand for double-sided solar panels.

In addition, amid the current shortage of glass for solar panels, according to the Taiyang News, most manufacturers now prefer to enter into long-term deals with suppliers of raw materials. Therefore, this news should be received with special enthusiasm by all representatives of the modern solar industry.