Goldbeck Solar Unveils MarcS Solar Arch

The renowned German company for the production of renewable energy systems has presented its new development – the MarcS solar arch.

The products have not even entered the market yet, but have already won the first prestigious award – this year’s Intersolar Aword award.

Solar arches are designed to be installed on agricultural land and help to use them more cost-effectively. The design is arranged in such a way that solar modules are installed at a height, and the platforms under them continue to be used for planting crops.

The arches are not static, the position of the photo panels can be adjusted – the beds can be either opened for unhindered access to sunlight or shaded with a structure. In addition, such a cover perfectly protects seedlings from bad weather and excessive drying, which has a positive effect on the quality and quantity of the crop.

The solar panels installed on the structure are oriented to the east and west at different angles of inclination, which can significantly increase the production of electricity. According to the developers’ estimates, this arch allows generating one third more energy than standard ground-based solar power plants and 60% more than other systems used in agricultural photovoltaics – about 2 MW of energy per hectare.

According to the information portal PV Magazine, the manufacturers plan to arrange supplies of their invention to the Dutch market as early as next year.