How many solar panels do you need for your home

Today, thanks to the installation of solar panels, you can provide your home with a sufficient amount of electricity and, if you wish, even make money on this (at a green rate). The main thing is to have the desire and correctly calculate the electricity consumption of your home and the generation of electricity by solar panels in your region.

The calculation of how many solar panels are needed for a home can be divided into four stages:

Calculation of energy consumption. You can collect this information yourself. First, it is recommended to collect a list of all electrical appliances in the house and think about which consumers may appear in the near future (underfloor heating, electric batteries, etc. are planned) and also add them to the list. Further, it is worth finding out the power consumption of the devices and indicate it opposite each one.

It is better to leave the next stage to specialists or study the topic much deeper, since here it is necessary to use special reference tables and knowledge. It is necessary to determine the amount of energy received from the sun that can be obtained in the place where you live. Here, such values ​​as the average annual solar radiation, the average number of cloudy days in a year, the monthly level of solar radiation in your city are important.

We have come to the stage of equipment selection and installation. This is actually probably the most important stage, since the correct performance of the entire solar station depends on it. It is not enough just to take and buy equipment, you need to know the features of operation, installation, loss of electricity during the operation of a particular device, etc. For your system to work for a long time and economically, you need the knowledge and experience of professionals. They will tell you exactly which equipment is more reliable and which is not even worth considering.