How to get income from solar energy

As soon as the first solar power plants appeared, their task was to provide electricity to remote sites and create a worthy alternative to polluting power plants. At that time, these were expensive projects and often economically unprofitable. Today, environmentally friendly energy sources allow not only to make the world cleaner, brighter and warmer, but also to generate income from solar energy. Now let’s talk about everything in order.

Today there is such a thing as “Green Tariff”. This is a project created at the state level to protect the environment and obtain autonomous electricity, and the amendments made to the Law of Ukraine No. 514-VIII dated 04.06.2015 made this project an attractive way to make a profit. The main objective of this project is the development and popularization of clean electricity production methods. One of the points, for example, was increased the permitted power of the station for individuals to 30 kW. Green tariff

In simple words, if you generate more electricity than you consume, then you can sell these surpluses to the state and the same law enshrines the obligation to buy these surpluses by electricity suppliers until 2030. The cost of the purchased electricity is pegged to the euro, with subsequent indexation.

Now we will give the tariffs for the purchased electricity, depending on the year of the launch of the solar power plant

For individuals, the following “Green Tariffs” are provided for kW / h, depending on the year the station is launched:

2015 – 0.20 €

2016 – 0.19 €

2017-2019 – 0.18 €

2020-2024 – 0.16 €

2025-2030 – 0.14 €

For industrial solar power plants, the following tariffs apply:

2015 – 0.17 €

2016 – 0.16 €

2017-2019 – 0.15 €

2020-2024 – 0.13 €

2025-2030 – 0.11 €