In Canada, the production of special construction houses with already built-in solar panels has been launched

The so-called factory houses are an innovation launched by a company in the Canadian city of Quebec, Canada. The building is powered by solar energy.

Structurally, solar panels are located outside the house and, capturing light, generate electricity, which is then consumed for the needs of the residents of the house – heating, lighting, heating water, and the operation of all household equipment.

The construction project of the Swiss corporation is called iLand Solaire, and from the outside, such buildings are no different from ordinary country houses.

The head of the company, environmental engineer Dan Oppizzi, believes that the difference between a factory house and an ordinary cottage will be impossible to discern. Moreover, due to the design features, effective energy insulation and environmental friendliness of the building were provided.

The cost of 0.3 square meters is $ 147. The manufacturing and assembly process takes very little time – about 5 days.

According to the tests carried out, it was found that the consumption of the house is 15 kilowatts per m2 per year. For the future owner, this is the minimum cost.