Installation of a solar station for a home in Germany will become mandatory next year

Already in the next 2022, the Germans will have to equip their private homes with photo or thermal solar power plants without fail.

This is exactly what the climate protection program document says.

The text of the project says that a photovoltaic station on the roof of the house will become an obligatory addition to all newly built private buildings. By the way, the roofs being repaired will also have to be equipped with special equipment for generating electricity from alternative energy sources. Also, in order to achieve energy independence in Germany, new standards are being introduced for new buildings – all of them must comply with EN-55 standards, that is, consume no more than 55% of the energy of a standard house. In a few years, these standards will be cut even further – up to 40%.

In addition, according to the German news portal, the German government has decided in the future to no longer promote fossil fuel heating systems, and the costs that increase with the introduction of the CO2 tax have been decided to be divided equally between the tenant and the landlord. Of course, such steps will significantly increase the cost of both housing itself and the life of ordinary people in general.