Instead of a coal mine, a solar station!

In Maryland (USA), Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) plans to build a solar station on the site of a recently closed coal mine.

CPV representatives have already carried out a number of studies on this land plot and are planning to apply for the construction of a new solar park. The territory of the object will be located on an area of ​​1100 hectares. According to rough estimates, about 150 jobs will be created at the SES.

According to preliminary plans, the start of construction work is scheduled for early next year, and their completion – in mid-2023. It is expected that thanks to the commissioning of this facility, the state of Maryland will increase the share of solar energy produced on its lands to almost 15 by 2028. %, and renewable – up to almost 50% by the end of this decade.

According to the information portal EcoTown, 2020 has become a record for solar energy in America. Over the past year, its DC figures have grown by more than 19 GW. This figure exceeded the indicators of 2019 by more than 40%. The previous record was recorded four years earlier (2016) and amounted to more than 16 GW.