Japanese authorities plan to significantly increase the country’s solar energy capacity by the end of this decade

The Japanese government has set itself a new goal – by 2030 to increase the capacity of local solar installations to more than 100 GW.

After all, the previous target of 64 GW has already been successfully achieved, and almost a decade ahead of schedule.

To reach the set goals by the set date, half of all municipal and government buildings, as well as parking lots and corporate buildings, will need to be equipped with photovoltaic solar power plants. It is also planned that alternative energy sources in Japan will be installed on state land and in special zones.

According to the RenEn news portal, the Japanese government is investing heavily in green energy, with plans to achieve zero carbon emissions by the middle of this century. For a rather densely populated country with a difficult natural relief, such a goal is rather difficult to achieve, but it is quite real. Today, less than 10% of electricity is generated in the country with the help of solar energy, and most of it is produced on the basis of gas and coal.