Jinko Solar launches new high-capacity solar panel

The world’s largest manufacturer of solar panels, the Chinese corporation Jinko Solar, is launching a new product – the Tiger Pro solar panel, designed for installation on the roof of buildings.

The novelty will be presented in five power options – solar panels from 395 W to 415 W. The efficiency of the former is estimated at just over 20%, and the efficiency of 415 W solar panels is 1% more, just over 21%.

The new product, presented by the Chinese manufacturer, consists of 108 single-crystal single-crystal solar cells, with a maximum system voltage of 1500 V. All five solar cell variants have the same dimensions and weight – 171.8 cm x 113.4 cm x 3 cm, weight – 22 kg … Fork working temperatures – from -40 to + 850C. The elements are covered with high-strength and transparent tempered glass. In addition, the manufacturer gives a good guarantee – 15 years for the product itself and a quarter of a century for its technical characteristics.

According to the information portal PVMagazine, the new product has many additional advantages that consumers will definitely appreciate. These are the ideal dimensions of the case, corresponding to the length of the installers’ arms, – it is convenient to install on roofs of buildings, as well as high mechanical strength and reliability – it can be installed in places with high wind and snow loads.