New development of Americans – conical solar panels

An American company specializing in the production of photovoltaic converters for generating solar energy has created an unusual conical solar panel.

In addition to the original form, such a solar battery is also distinguished by increased productivity. Compared to a standard panel, the cone-shaped installation generates almost 1/5 more energy.

A rotating photovoltaic cone created by the developers of V3Solar with a base of 100 cm in diameter over its entire surface is lined with photocells in the amount of about a hundred pieces. The design is placed in a special static flask made of lenses through which the sun’s rays pass and concentrate on the photocells themselves, thereby increasing their productivity.

The cone does not experience friction and mechanical stress – it rotates in a magnetic field due to the energy that is created by the device itself. The rotation speed and other parameters are automatically controlled by the electronic module.

The cost of generating power from such an installation is cheaper than using traditional flat panels, but the accompanying production costs (using special electronics, creating complex structures, etc.) are still too high. The developers plan to find options for their reduction before the launch of mass production of generating units.

As the information portal BuildingTECH reports, modern specialists in the field of photoelectricity already note a large number of advantages of this invention and predict a great future for it in the field of alternative energy.