New solar panel installation system conquers the market

A Spanish supplier of equipment for solar power plants has developed a unique adhesive mount for mounting solar panels.

This method of installing solar panels is suitable for all types of batteries and is currently being tested – the installation of solar PV modules using Spanish technology is carried out on one of the projects being built by the energy company Endesa.

According to the PV Magazine news portal, the proposed method of attaching solar panels with glue guarantees the durability of the system and the absence of accidental roof leaks. Indeed, when fixing parts on the surface of the roof on the glue base, its perforation does not occur. During installation, the surface of the profiles is initially thoroughly degreased, dust and dirt are removed from it, then a primer is applied and then glue. To ensure high-quality fixation, special equipment is used – a gluing machine working under pressure. Before installing solar panels, the roof surface is thoroughly cleaned using special equipment, a profile is glued to it.

The company says it will continue to monitor the performance of the station installed using the new glue technique throughout its life.