Platform for remote determination of the best location for installing solar panels developed in the USA

The American company Aurora Solar presented a unique project – a special platform that helps to determine the most optimal place for installing solar panels without visiting the site.

This program collects data from images of satellite cameras, takes into account the presence of nearby power lines and the level of lighting of the roof of the building. Then he analyzes them and makes a verdict on the advisability of designing solar stations on a specific roof, where exactly the solar panels should be placed, what type, in what quantity and how much this structure will eventually cost. Aurora Solar has already attracted more than a quarter of a billion US dollars in investments for the implementation of the project.

According to the CEO of the company, with the help of this software, users planning to make investments in solar energy can make significant savings. If, when installing solar panels, half of the costs go to project development, design, etc., then a subscription to the program, which already has both financial calculations and visualization of the future project, costs just over $ 130 per month.

According to the information portal Mind, the development has already been applied to evaluate more than 5 million projects, and almost a million calculations created by the program have been used in the design of solar stations.

It should be noted that Aurora Solar does not manufacture solar panels and other solar cells, but only develops software for their operation. Representatives of the company plan to tell the public about their further plans and developments at the EM-Power 2021 summit, which will be held in July this year.