Rooftop solar panels are a must for California new builds

The California Energy Commission has approved the Energy Code of 2022, which requires all new commercial buildings to be equipped with photovoltaic cells from 2023 to generate electricity from the sun’s rays.

It is expected that such an innovation will help to significantly improve the environment in the state by the middle of this century.

This bill applies to absolutely all newly built commercial objects: cinemas, shops, offices, restaurants, schools, etc. It is allowed not to install solar panels on the roofs of private buildings and special state institutions only. The main goal of the commission is to completely switch to the receipt of electricity from renewable energy sources by the 50th year and finally abandon the use of natural gas.

According to the information portal HITEK +, according to the commission’s estimates, almost three quarters of the state’s electricity is now consumed by enterprises. Experts have calculated that the introduction of these innovations should significantly reduce both the material costs of consumers and the emissions of carbon dioxide wastes that are unsafe for the environment.