Sand solar panels started to be produced in Luxembourg

In one of the smallest sovereign European states, an original startup has been developed to manufacture new generation photo modules.

Solar panels are made from sand by special automated mini-factories called Terrabox.

The Luxembourg-based sand photo panel startup is authored by Maana Electric, which says its factories are tiny and fit easily into shipping containers. Such a mini-plant can be easily transported across the desert and transported to its most remote areas for the production of photo panels, with the help of which solar energy will then be generated there.

Representatives of the company said that next year they will try the possibilities of their invention on our planet, and in the near future they will create a similar version for the Moon. The new version of the mini-plant will be designed to process lunar soil into high-purity silicon, which will be used to produce solar panels.

According to the information portal BuildingTECH, German researchers, based on their experiences, have come to the conclusion that by equipping only a small part of the Sahara Desert with solar panels, it is possible to obtain enough clean energy for the needs of the entire planet. One can only imagine how much electricity much larger solar farms, which will be equipped on the surface of our planet’s satellite, will be able to generate.