Slovenia starts construction of a solar station with a capacity of over 3 MW

Already this summer, construction of the country’s largest solar power plant with a capacity of more than 3 MW will start in Slovenia.

The state energy company HSE received the approval for the construction of a solar power plant for the production of alternative energy.

The construction of an industrial solar station is planned on the territory of the closed part of the landfill, given for the storage and disposal of non-hazardous waste. The first stage of work will begin in July this year.

For the construction of the solar power plant, almost 7000 PV modules with a capacity of more than 400 W each will be used. The project organizers expect the completed complex to produce nearly 3,500 MWh of clean energy – enough electricity to cover the electricity needs of 800 medium-sized Slovenian households.

According to the information portal Balkan Green Energy News, with the help of this project, the management of the HSE company plans to revive on the lands where coal was previously mined and a thermal power plant operated, the production of electricity. But this process will already be safe for the environment – without the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.