Solar canopies will be installed over parking lots in the northern lands of Germany

The results of a recent study in the northern lands of Germany showed that the potential for solar energy that can be obtained in these territories is much greater than is currently being used. Almost 9 times!

In order to strengthen the ecology and economy of Schleswig-Holstein, representatives of the Ministry of the Environment have decided to pay more attention to clean and environmentally friendly renewable energy sources. Now, according to the amendments to the Climate Protection Act, the installation of solar stations is mandatory on the roofs of all non-residential buildings and parking lots in this federal state of Germany. Already, the share of renewable sources (wind and solar energy, as well as biogas plants) in the total amount of generated energy is about 50%.

According to the information portal SolarServer, it is planned that a new law with draft amendments on the mandatory installation of solar stations on parking lots and rooftops of buildings will be adopted this fall.