Solar panel maintenance

There is a popular misconception that solar panel maintenance is unnecessary. In order to return your investment in solar power plants quickly – in fact, it is very important to keep an eye on solar panels and their components.

What is the maintenance of solar panels

To the greatest extent, the main components for the maintenance of solar panels are:

The solar panels themselves: It is important to monitor the performance of all PV modules. If one of the elements is broken, then the productivity of the solar station decreases.

Inverters: An inverter is the heart of every solar power plant. It converts constant flux into alternating flux, which is generated by photovoltaic cells. Many inverters are installed on the streets because they are designed for environmental influences. To avoid overheating, it is worth regularly cleaning the filters and monitoring the inverter’s performance.

Fastening modules: They must not be loose, corroded and initially installed incorrectly. All of these points can lead to malfunctioning solar panels.

Grounding: Grounding is very important. It should be designed and installed correctly. Otherwise, operation may be unsafe and the entire plant may be damaged.

Insulating tubes: If the insulating tubes are damaged, the wires in them are left unprotected and are susceptible to all kinds of damage. If this moment is missed, then later it is fraught with rather expensive repairs.

Also, an equally important point in the maintenance of solar panels is the control of the cleanliness of solar panels. Otherwise, they will wear out faster and work ineffectively. They should be kept clean and quickly removed from dirt, snow, etc. Such work is recommended to be done at least twice a year.

Following these recommendations, the solar station will function well and will not let you down.